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Indonesian Death metal

Death metal is a sub-genre of heavy metal music that evolved from thrash metal in the early 1980s. [1] Some of his trademark song is the theme of violence or death, low rhythm guitar (downtuned rhythm guitars), rapid percussion, and dynamic intensity. Vocals are usually sung by grunt (grunt death) or growling death (death growl). Singing techniques as is also often called "Cookie Monster vocals".

Some of the pioneers of this genre is the album Venom Welcome to Hell (1981) and Death to the album Scream Bloody Gore (1987). Death metal then developed further by bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Entombed, God Macabre, Carnage, and Grave.

Then 2000'an era, Death Metal is growing very rapidly. Many bands dropout death metal flow into the reformer in metal music. Bands include Inhuman Dissiliency, disavowed, Viraemia, Hiroshima Will Burn, Amon Amarth, Inveracity, The Berzeker, Dying Fetus, Condemned, and much more.

In Indonesia, the genre begins its motion and development in the 1990's with the thrash metal band Rotor in Jakarta. Indonesia Death Metal major movement comes from the initiative by Grindcore band from Malang, Rotten Corpse, who worked for the first time (which is unknown) Death Metal music. The appearance and the game would Rotten Corpse Death Metal is a sign of the birth of a new musical individual, called Death Metal. Some other Death Metal bands pioneer in other areas, such as the Trauma of Jakarta, Insanity and Hallucination from Bandung, Death Vomit from Jogjakarta, Slow Death of Surabaya, Murder of Boyolali then developed with bands that are considered as a senior because of their experiences as : Disinfected, suck, Plasmoptysis, body of Bandung, Torture Tomb, Funeral Inception of Jakarta, Cranial Incisored Yogyakarta, Semarang Grind Buto. Abysal.Blast Torment of Padang, Total Damage from Bukittinggi, and Hell Corpse of Batam, DeathSounD from Pontianak, Chain 86 Tegal

Death Metal music development in Indonesia has developed very well. Among terusulkannya a central forum of lovers Indonesia Death Metal, Death Metal forum called Indonesia, the Indonesian called Death Metal or abbreviated IDDM. Then also appeared, staynocase, and others. Currently, new bands Death Metal will voiced 'sounds death "metal event. Death Metal bands in Indonesia now include Death Sound, Asphyxiate, Bleeding Corpse, Death Vomit, Internal Darkness, Destruction, Kill Harmonic, Grind Buto, Infected Voice, Brain Ass, Hatestroke, Sickmath and so on.

Indonesia Death Metal Developments after the creation of IDDM, is an indication and the inauguration of Death Metal communities throughout Indonesia to go on public or show themselves to the public respectively. As at present, a lot of Death Metal Indonesian community groups in their respective areas are already showing themselves on the Internet. Communities are still part of the Indonesian Death Metal / IDDM. IDDM is one of the web interface as the place to exchange ideas and aspirations to media for advertising / promotional albums and merchandise. These communities include Death Metal Force Malang, Bandung Death Metal, Bekasi horde! Death Metal, Jogjakarta Corpse Grinder, Pontianak MetalForce, Magelang Death Metal Militia, Sukoharjo Death Metal, Death Metal Semarang, Bali to Dublin Death Metal Death Metal and many more communities across Indonesia.

Some death metal subgenre:
  • Technical death metal - Death Metal were developed with diatonic tones, is an outgrowth of Death Metal music to the more complex. Often associated as a merger between death metal with progressive rock and jazz fusion.
  • Melodic death metal - heavy metal mixed with some elements of death metal, such as death growl and blastbeat
  • Progressive death metal - a combination of death metal and progressive metal
  • Brutal death metal - Brutal Death Metal is an outgrowth of Death Metal itself. Brutal Death Metal is one of the developments that managed to generate growth again in the Death Metal genre. Brutal Death Metal slamming-Gore produce Brutal Death Metal, slamming-Groove Technical Brutal Death Metal, Goregrind slamming, as PALASIK of bukittinggi.
  • Deathcore - a mix of metalcore / groove metal with death metal, death metal is a genre that more lead to Post Hardcore music.
  • Death / Doom - a mix between doom metal and death metal
  • Blackened death metal - Blackened Death Metal are the proposals made by the Death Metal bands who want to combine elements of black metal back to Death Metal as it did in the First Era of Death Metal, Death Metal where they smelled odors Black Metal.


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